Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Start in 3D Modeling

Hello there,

Ok, where to start. Well the first step is to gather information on modelling and what program to use. After reading many posts on modelling in the FlightGear forums I decided to go with the most popular and chose Blender and it's free!!!

Then I looked at some tutorials and stopped on the ones I will talk about: The first two are done by Emmanuel Baranger who is a very prolific aircraft modeller Creating An Aircraft in Blender is good but if you understand French like I do you will be better served by the French version Creating An Aircraft in Blender (French Version) as the English version was done with Google Translate.

I also found as series of videos made by Peter Haig on how to model an aircraft in 3D with Blender. I took a look at them and decided I would be using them as my starting point. I started with this Video Tutorial and it took me 4 hours to get through the first 10 minutes or so of the video to have the same results as him, Blender is very powerful and therefore has a very steep learning curve. But by replaying the video and reading the help files I managed to get this far the first day.

The next time went a lot faster, it only took me a half-hour to finish the fuselage, I have to fix the radome as it is an extension of the fuselage and should be round instead.

I did this a few weeks ago so I hope I haven't forgotten all I have learned.

I hope to have some time over the Christmas Holidays to work on the model so that I can show you some progress soon.

Bye for now...And Merry Christmas!!!


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Big Project

Well here it goes... I decided to take the plunge and attempt my first aircraft project the CC-115, or, as it is better known worldwide: 
The DHC-5 Buffalo.

Source: Ian Beatty Photography

I chose this aircraft for many reasons, first and foremost it's Canadian! Second, I love STOL aircraft, and it is unique. I've worked on these when I was in the Canadian air force and have seen their awesome flight display many times.

Source: Wild Air Photography

I started this project a few weeks ago but I decided I would chronicle its progress.

I needed to get some information first and the absolute best place to get high quality aircraft photos is from

Another thing I needed to get started was to get a blueprint of the model and I found this at a site which specialises in all kinds of blueprints:

That's all for this time, next time I will show you the start of my 3D modeling...


Hello Everyone,

I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Bob Maheu and I've been a member of the FlightGear community for a little over a year. There I'm known as 439 Tiger, my nickname comes from the squadron I belonged to for the longest part of my career in the  Canadian air force.

FlightGear forum members will recognise some of my work below, as I am known for my "Twotter" liveries. I decided to make a collage of some of my work to show you:

I will be using this blog to keep you up to date with my projects for FlightGear.

I have a few on the go right now:

Re-doing the CL-415 paintkit and improving the whole package.

Re-doing the DHC-4 Caribou painkit and improving the whole package.

My new major undertaking and the star of this blog the DHC-5 Buffalo.

And of course "Twotter" liveries.

So please come and visit regularly to see what I've been up to.