Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Big Project

Well here it goes... I decided to take the plunge and attempt my first aircraft project the CC-115, or, as it is better known worldwide: 
The DHC-5 Buffalo.

Source: Ian Beatty Photography

I chose this aircraft for many reasons, first and foremost it's Canadian! Second, I love STOL aircraft, and it is unique. I've worked on these when I was in the Canadian air force and have seen their awesome flight display many times.

Source: Wild Air Photography

I started this project a few weeks ago but I decided I would chronicle its progress.

I needed to get some information first and the absolute best place to get high quality aircraft photos is from Airliners.net

Another thing I needed to get started was to get a blueprint of the model and I found this at a site which specialises in all kinds of blueprints: The-Blueprints.com

That's all for this time, next time I will show you the start of my 3D modeling...

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